Fast, Simple Way to Start Teaching Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Program has been sold all over the world and is now available in its 4th update!

All the work is done for you. Get it right the first time.

  • EFT4PowerPoint is the professional, customizable “EFT Workshop in a Box” – all in one place program.
  • Saves you hours of preparation in planning and creating quality presentations.
  • Whether for an introductory class for beginners or for a more formal certification track for Levels 1 and 2. It’s all there.
  • EFT concepts explained simply and easily. Package also contains notes for presenters and all the forms, handouts, and resources you need to conduct your own EFT workshop. While the training package doesn’t actually come in a box, it truly is an “EFT Workshop in a Box.” It’s all there to teach others about the safe and effective use of EFT!!

You want to share EFT with others. You want to teach EFT.

  • You are excited about EFT
  • You want to share your knowledge of EFT concepts
  • You’d like to do your part to make EFT a household word
  • You want to let others know how EFT can help in their lives
  • You’d like to introduce EFT in your community in a credible manner
  • You’d like to teach other helping caregivers how to implement EFT into their practice
  • You’d like it to look professional.
  • You’d like to save hours of preparation time but are not sure where to begin
  • You don’t have time to develop a quality presentation – We’ve done it for you!
  • You need forms and handouts for a full workshop – Samples of useful forms are included
Do you want to teach EFT to the general community and/or counselors using a professionally created presentation with attractive visuals?
Do you want a training package that provides handouts with the EFT concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand format?
Do you want a choice between a ready-to-go-out-of-the-box workshop AND the ability to personalize and modify slides and information? We make it easy!

EFT workshop in a box. Get it right the first time.

EFT4PowerPoint has been used by thousands of EFT trainers, literally, all over the world, since 2004. We’ve kept the original quality EFT content and clear simple explanations, but this fourth version has been totally revised and updated:

  • New Graphics
  • New Slides
  • New useful Suggestions and Notes for Presenters
  • New and Revised Forms and Handouts
  • New Bonus Workshop book
  • Contains all required information by EFT International
  • And More

Contains both the original version AND the totally redesigned fourth edition!

A descriptive “picture is worth a thousand words.” This version contains attractive up-to-date photographs that emphasize important concepts.

Our EFT Workshop in a Box provides many forms and handouts for your workshop.

Ann's Legacy

On her retirement Ann generously gifted EFT 4 Powerpoint to Sue and Emma of The EFT Centre in London, UK who have enjoyed a long and productive professional and personal relationship with her.  They are honoured to have been entrusted with this programme

Benefit from the experience of a highly qualified trainer. Who is Ann Adams?

EFT4PowerPoint was the brainchild of Ann Adams. Patricia Carrington, developer of “the choices method” for use with EFT, called Ann Adams “the guru of EFT education.” Ann Adams is an EFT expert trainer. She worked closely with Gary Craig to create not only the very first version of EFT4Powerpoint [still available in the package], she helped create EFT guidelines and then administered Gary Craig’s EFT master program for two years.

Now retired Ann was a licensed clinical social worker who, for many years, worked as a clinician, manager and, clinical supervisor in a mental health facility and later the program director of a residential facility for emotionally disturbed children in her native state of Georgia. Ann attended the majority of Gary’s workshops that formed the basis for his DVD series and the basis for this training program. She has been training others in EFT since 2000.

Ann has presented EFT at professional conferences and held EFT classes internationally. Her background in social work, extensive experience training others for over 40 years, and her knowledge of adult learning methods is all shared with you in this training package.

In addition, her professional organization designations included: Gary Craig’s EFT-Honors, ACEP’s ACP-EFT with Tina Craig, EFT International Master Trainer of Trainer’s and ACEP’s DCEP designation.

Used Worldwide

EFT4PowerPoint is, without doubt, the most effective means of presenting EFT to groups to be found anywhere. The first edition of EFT4PowerPoint has been used worldwide for the past 7 years by thousands of EFT practitioners and other followers of EFT, often becoming the mainstay of their public presentations.

The program contains new pictures and valuable supporting materials. Everything you need to conduct your workshop.

You can use this program as is or customize it to create a presentation that fits your particular needs. The slides used in this program present the basic principles of EFT as found in Craig’s tutorial on his website. The program also contains content required by EFT International.

I was blocked at teaching because I did not want to go through the ordeal of creating the PowerPoint presentation. Now I am flying. I am teaching 6 therapists tomorrow. I am so excited. I have wanted to do this for years. Now that I have your tools, all of Pennsylvania will learn tapping.

Hugs, Joan Kaylor

Save time and frustration. Clear and simple slides.

Hundreds of hours were spent digging out the EFT concepts to simplify your planning and conducting of EFT training.

Slides contain clear and simple explanations of EFT concepts. In a ready-to-use format for EFT trainers or practitioners. The notes for presenters have clear suggestions and other resources.

These clear and simple slides make EFT concepts easy to understand.

Why create the fourth version?

Many people throughout the world who have used Ann’s original PowerPoint presentation and found it immensely effective for creating fantastic workshops or for convincing skeptical communities of the authenticity and power of EFT – had asked Ann, repeatedly- to thoroughly update her materials to meet the changing needs of today and the new “psychology” of audiences.


What's new and impressive about this version?

The fourth edition uses a different style of visual presentation than in earlier versions. This presentation meets today’s higher standards for visual presentations.

The format of the slides and the supportive, descriptive, quality photographs present the EFT concept in a clear, simple, easy-to-understand way.

Contains entire EFT workshop. Includes all the forms you'll need.

With the EFT4PowerPoint Training package, you are given every type of handout or form that you could possibly need.

Far more than you could create or assemble without spending huge amounts of time in this often uninviting task.

EFT4PowerPoint gives you everything:

  • Modifiable slides to meet your particular need
  • Additional useful handouts both for the class and follow-up information to email later
  • Sample marketing brochures
  • Forms for the workshop itself
  • Reference material for you
  • Brochure ideas for marketing
  • Even a sample of a continuing education application
  • BONUS book of Planning and Presenting a Successful Workshop
  • BONUS book on Working with Children
  • BONUS book on Marketing Your Alternative Practice
  • and more…

The point is, with the new EFT4PowerPoint. It is all done for you.

What do I still need to do?

Well, you do still need

  • to let your enthusiasm and passion for EFT carry you
  • have a solid knowledge of EFT
  • to see the value of this method for your audience
  • to review the enclosed Level 1 and 2 Review
  • to actually take action to set a date and market your class
  • to make any modifications you wish for your class
  • to use the enclosed forms confidentiality and liability and evaluation and more
  • to actually present your talk or workshop!!

In other words, this is, in effect, “A Workshop in a Box.”

You just have to open it!!

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This program has a host of new written materials that amount to a “mini course” on giving EFT workshops in the present era. You don’t have to use these notes [presenter’s] Notes unless you want to of course, but I can attest to the fact that they are valuable if you do.

Patricia Carrington

The package answers YOUR questions

  • What should I include in my presentation?
  • How do I put it all together?
  • What’s the best way to clearly explain EFT concepts?
  • How can I “build a bridge” to help my audience accept EFT?
  • How do I apply for Continuing Education Units?
  • How do I create the forms I need?
  • How do I best follow-up with the class?

The EFT4PowerPoint Training Package answers all of these questions and more!

A professional presentation in minimal time. This is truly a Workshop in a Box!

Used by thousands of trainers. Seen all over the world.

The EFT4PowerPoint Workshop in a Box has now shipped all over the world. The original version has been translated into five languages. Join thousands of trainers who have used this helpful program. Join trainers who testify to its ease of use, comprehensiveness, and attractiveness.

For any professional planning to teach EFT to others, Ann’s extensive experience both using and teaching EFT comes through. Rather than spending WAY too much time creating my own presentation from scratch, I can pick and choose the slides I want and spend more time sharing EFT and far less time in front of the computer.

Rick Wilkes, CMT, NCTMB, EFT-ADV

Save more time. Earn more money.

  • This package pays for itself when the first person signs up for your very first workshop!
  • How much money have you lost because of workshops you DIDN’T present because you weren’t ready? You didn’t know where to begin?
  • Save many, many hours of preparation time, for the price of just one or two of your billable hours!
  • A price that is returned several times over with your very first class!!

Satisfaction guaranteed

EFT4PowerPoint strives to include all the concepts of Gary Craig’s original training materials. AND the current requirements of EFT International for EFT Level 1 and Level 2.

The program includes many OPTIONAL slides to broaden the understanding of concepts. You can pick and choose what works best for your audience.

Five useful bonuses


Insider’s Guide to Planning and Conducting Successful Workshops

A book that tells you everything you need to know about creating your own successful workshop.

EFT4PowerPoint gives you the content for an EFT workshop.

The Insider’s Guide walks you through all the other details of putting on a workshop.

A $19.95 value. Free with EFT4PowerPoint Workshop in a Box.


Working With Children

Ann’s presentation for Gary Craig’s Specialty Series, now an ebook, includes her entire talk at Craig’s workshop and includes additional information removed from the Series presentation due to time constraints.

Also included are the original slides and handouts from her Totonto workshop on how to work with children.

A $49.95 value. Free with EFT4PowerPoint Workshop in a Box.


EFT Level 1 And 2 Review

Voted hands-down by Ann’s students as the favorite comprehensive follow-up information ever!


The Insider’s Guide to Marketing Your Alternative Practice

The book that sold over and over for $37+ yours free with the purchase. As one reader stated:

The Insider’s Guide gives essential aspects to marketing that I have not heard from attending the best of marketing seminars – as well as very practical, economical, “what works” tips from successful practitioners. A wealth of information. Saved me time and money in accelerating my EFT practice! – Marie Davis


Sally and The Bully

An illustrated children’s book. Written for elementary school children, it contains a coloring book, flashcards and, suggestions for caregivers.

A 19.95 value!!

We’ve made it easy for you!

And share BONUS products with a value of $125.

Want to teach EFT with the least amount of planning and work? And, receive $125 in BONUSES?

Click the button and get started TODAY.

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What's in the EFT4PowerPoint package?

Ready to Go Out of the Box Presentations

Customizable and Optional Slides

Helpful Support Files

All for ONE low price!


Beginners or “Level 1” EFT Workshop

This workshop includes all the EFT basics. There is an option for teaching Level 1 as a one day or a two day class.


An Intermediate or “Level 2” EFT Workshop

This workshop adds more advanced concepts and more in-depth knowledge of concepts covered in Level 1.


Notes presenters for Level 1 and 2 with tips and hints for your workshop

These notes make giving a presentation easy even for a beginning trainer – and are helpful for even the most experienced presenter.


The Insider’s Guide to Marketing Your Alternative Practice

The book that sold over and over for $37+ yours free with the purchase. As one reader stated:


An Introduction to EFT

Information and concepts summarized in a clear and easily understood way are pared down for shorter time frames and general public audiences for self-use.


Participant Handouts

One of those is the EFT on a Page. A colorful easy to follow handout for all audiences. Also useful as a client handout for EFT Practitioners.


Lots of Optional Slides

that expand the content and give you the opportunity to pick and choose to personalize your own presentation.


Easy to modify the slides

to fit your own experience and stories


Any Version of PowerPoint

Works on any version of PowerPoint and any Mac OS10 or above.


MANY helpful Workshop Forms and Resources

such as:

  • A sample workshop Brochure and Flyer
  • Sample Handouts such as “Questions are Powerful” listing dozens of questions used by Gary Craig and other experienced practitioners
  • Formatted and modifiable Certificates of Attendance
  • Evaluation Form options for your attendees to give feedback
  • Workshop Checklist
  • EFT Resource information such as articles by experienced trainers, marketing suggestions

Want to apply for Continuing Education Credits?

  • Sample application shares Goals, Objectives and Time Frames
  • Can be modified to apply for Continuing Education Units in a variety of fields

The slides and accompanying resources make holding a workshop easy for even beginner trainers.

Experienced trainers will realize even more quickly the benefits of using well-prepared modern materials.

Join thousands of trainers who’ve benefitted from EFT4PowerPoint. Order today. Deliver your own EFT workshop!

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The material is great for structuring the information and will cut development time by several days or weeks for any serious EFT presenter. Very good! Thank you!

Halvor Nome – Norway, Business Consultant Certified NLP Trainer