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What People are Saying

THANK YOU for the EFT4PowerPoint program -- I am wallowing in the wealth of resources on it, and enjoying it all enormously! I'm a great proponent of EFT but struggled with conceiving effective presentations; so these materials and tips are a true god-send for me!
- Joanne Payne

I use your powerpoint presentation with great impact for teaching EFT to groups wherever I am going. I find it so well made as to teach EFT very effectively. I hope for you wonderful things!
- David

I use the EFT4PPT on each of our workshops, participants love it - it really does make a difference.. great support indeed!
- Diane, France

Karin Davidson talks about EFT4Powerpoint

EFT Trainer and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer Karin Davidson talks about EFT4PowerPoint. HowToTap.com

I spent hours looking at everything and I am totally dumb founded at the amount of information you have put together - it truly is awesome! I do have (and have studied) all the DVDs from Gary Craig and, together with this information from you, I expect to be just about the most effective and knowledgeable EFTer in the UK!! Thank you so much for all the info, it had helped me hugely and I know it is going to help everyone I come into contact with as well, because I really intend to recommend that they invest in this package - it is worth twice the price!
- Gill Oliver, England

Thank you so much for your FANTASTIC PowerPoint presentation on EFT. Not only does it exceed my expectations both in quality and thoroughness, but it has helped me release a block of my own. You see I felt overwhelmed at the idea of creating my own EFT presentation. I was blocked at teaching because I did not want to go through the ordeal of creating the PowerPoint presentation. Now I am flying. Two workshops in February and many more to come. I am teaching 6 therapists tomorrow. I am so excited. I have wanted to do this for years. Now that I have your tools, all of Pennsylvania will learn tapping.
- Hugs, Joan Kaylor

Thanks so much Ann for making this available. It's such a joy to have a pre-made outline for a workshop. Wishing you much success and a wonderful week.
- Warmly, Monica

It was great meeting you. Got home last night and couldn't wait to put the CD in...this is GREAT!! With your EFT4Powerpoint I can now give a workshop without having to worry about the details...you've taken care of all that and I can focus on the good stuff - tapping!
- Stephanie Dalfonzo, IcoachCaregivers.com

Finished going through your remarkable PowerPoint presentation. It is truly a labor of love and potentially SO useful!
- Dr. Patricia Carrington, www.MasteringEFT.com

Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with your PowerPoint presentation. I just finished teaching a Level 1 class and your presentation made it easy! Well worth the money!
- Blessings, Mim Grace, Korea

I am writing you to tell you what an outstanding job you did with it! I began to teach EFT workshops in New Hampshire and Maine. I use your overheads as a guideline and handout. My participants are extremely pleased, and so am I. Your guidelines to get CEUs was extremely helpful. My Level I and II have been approved today, thanks to your support. Thank you for all the thought you have put into it. What an asset to spreading the word about EFT in a fast, efficient and professional way.
- Ingrid Dinter

I ordered your PowerPoint presentation for EFT about a month ago and you sent it to me quickly. Thank you VERY much for the wonderful job you did putting it together. I only wish I had had it when I started teaching Level 1. It would have saved me a lot of time!

My Level 2 class went incredibly well (both by personal accounts and by the evaluation you so thoughtfully included). It was very helpful for me to have your expertise right there with me.
- Lynne

I have been using EFT in my practice since 1999 and teaching workshops since 2000. Having purchased Ann Adams EFT 4 PowerPoint in 2005 my workshops have been taken to a whole new level. I found the content bursting with everything you could possibly think of to run a slick and professional workshop. Not only are the many PowerPoint slides contained in the presentations well thought out, the narratives that accompany each slide are comprehensive and detailed, and there are even forms and certificates to be adapted for your personal use. The many patient hours it must have taken to put this CD together I cannot imagine, but this really is a one stop CD that everyone who is serious about presenting and teaching EFT to the required standard cannot afford to be without. Thank you Ann.
- Stephen Coburn, Dorset, England

I want to say how inspired I was to see the slides for EFT you created. Thank you! I have been a EFT practitioner for 3 years and have been asked to teach classes. Finding your slides was very timely.
- Keitha Browning, UK

Ann, I sincerely thank you for your genuine concern about getting everything appropriately to me. Thank you for your integrity, now that I have all the tools in my tool-box let's see what I am going to do with them.
- Lovingly, Bridget

Just a quick note to say Thanks for your speedy e-mails. The workshops went well and I have received excellent feedback including the quality of the visual aids!
- Carol Weston

Thank you for answering all of my e-mail questions and for sharing such a useful energy psychology tool.
- Gary Travis, AZ

Thank you so much for all your work on this product. It will save me much time.
- Judy Sabah, JudySabah.com

I am so excited to have this wonderful piece. I can see that you have put a lot of work into it. Thank you kindly. Have a wonderful day!
- Love and Light, Linda

Thank you for the prompt mailing of the PowerPoint presentation for the EFT workshops. I am impressed and glad I ordered them. Thank you for your foresight in writing and marketing this program.
- Karen

I am absolutely delighted with the EFT4PPT, there is so much information there. I really do appreciate the hard work you have put in. Many thanks you have saved me hours of sweat and tears!!
- Audrey

Thanks so much for the concern and for all that you do to promote EFT. We have your EFT Workshops PowerPoint CD that has been a great help to us (and all the wonderful stuff you included!). Looking forward to seeing you!
- Love and Light, Marty

Thanks for all the work you did to produce your EFT4PPT. There is so much there in addition to the powerpoint presentations. You have saved a LOT of work for many of us.
- Majorie Hidalgo

Powerful, powerful, powerful. Thank you from my heart.
- Regards, Jurgens

Thank you so much for your help, and the stunning presentation.
- Best wishes from Cape Town, Susie

Ann, Please allow me to write this brief email of gratitude for all the hard work you've put into the package and for your kind efforts to get the material to me post haste. I'm looking forward to review all the CD as the Level 1 and Read Me First Manual is really top notch. What a blessing you are to the EFT community. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to enjoy your research and to be able to put myself into the process as a practitioner. Thanks again and again. I salute you!
- Sincerely, Pat Holland Conner

I received all the 3 products I ordered. They are wonderful.
- Thank you, Shirine

I've been looking through the PowerPoint and I wanted to say that they're truly excellent, a real credit to you and a fabulous tool for the EFT community. Thank you!!
- Sandy

Ann, I ordered your presentation. My first presentation was really successful and the next will be in only a few days. Your work really saved me a lot of time! I changed some of it but it definitely gave me a good structure from which I could get started. Thanks a lot!
- Sonja

Thanks so much, Ann. The workshop went GREAT!
- Aila

I am really grateful to you that I could do 2 EFT workshops using it in India last January. Your ppt made it much easier for me to do the workshops, especially for those English speakers. I am going to send you 2 of my photos. Thanks again for your talent and effort for these PPT.
- Grace, Korea

Thank you for saving us so much work!
- Hugs, Patti Carey

You've done a great job on these presentations, and they will indeed save me countless hours of prep time. Brilliant! And thank you again for being so prompt and willing to help out in my crisis today! :)
- Eileen

Thanks. I received the CD just fine. My students, as am I, are very enthusiastic about your slides.
- Paul

Have been going through the presentation that you very kindly sent and just cannot believe how detailed and how very professional they are! I am learning even more as I go along and I thought I knew quite a lot about EFT having used it so extensively! Thank you so much, the whole thing is just fantastic!
- G C


I just wanted to inform you that the EFT workshop that I gave last Saturday (for a class of coaching & counseling students) using your PowerPoint presentations was a great success. The PowerPoint presentation was a great help to clarify things, make the content more visible, and to make it look more professional. Thanks! I have already received requests to give more EFT workshops and I am really looking forward to it.
- Reto Greve, Amsterdam


Your slides are sooo helpful, so many of them to choose from. I certainly hope that ALL EFT trainers are using them, and, if necessary, intermingling them in with their own - as I am.
- Christina Elvin


Your generous and finely done CD is much appreciated. I do hope you will do a Power Point Part III.
- Jim and Donna Marie West


Yesterday I received your EFT4PPT CD. It`s really marvelous. Congratulations.
- Kerstin Warkentin, Germany, EFT Info


Thank you so much for your quick and efficient reply. I was able to open the Word file perfectly and it looks wonderful! I will definitely be ordering your Working with Kids and Marketing EFT.
- Gloria Nye, Ontario, EmotionalFreedomTechnique.ca


Thanks again for your wonderful work on the PowerPoint presentation. It makes my job so much easier, and it gives it a very professional flavor. You did a great job!!
- Thanks, Jean Bringol


...in the time I have had to look at it I am dazzled! It's so thorough! Great job. I look forward to really using it.
- Paula Shaw, California


Thank you again for putting so much work in such a great product! There is a special place in heaven for "Time-Savers" such as yourself!
- Jean-Marc Zuczek


It was great meeting you. As a matter of fact the only thing better is your EFT4PPT CD.. It is excellent-well done. As a result of being further inspired this weekend by Gary combined with your CD I am already booking participants for a spring EFT Training.
- Darrell Pacini, Victoria BC, DarrellPacini.com


My PP presentation at the NASW conference went swimmingly well, thanks in large part to using your PP presentation as a base for my own stuff. This is the first time I've ever put together a PowerPoint presentation--what fun!
- Sue Campbell, EnergyRemedies.com


I've just tantalized myself with the first look at PP 4 kids. Its just magic, Ann. I love it.
- Barbara Smith, New Zealand


I love your eft4powerpoint slides which I bought at Gary's course in Southern California! Thank you for doing them.
- SK, MD


Hi Ann, thanks very much I received it all in good order, and I have to say congratulations it's a fabulous product, I can't wait to get started.
- Kim Holdstock


Many thanks - for the PowerPoint, I used the level 1 for an approved workshop in Cambridge and it was great - I will be using the package again for level 2. You have worked really hard, well done, it has saved me hours and is very professional.
- lots of love Jenny Cox, UK


There is a lot of benefit just in reading your work. It's a very thoughtful, well done presentation.
- Wes Carlson


It was so easy [to make my own modifications] because of the way you have such complete instructions with each slide. The cost was reasonable and worth every penny. Thanks again for giving us an incredible tool to communicate more clearly and concisely the EFT information.
- Jean


- Frances Patrick


This is very exciting for me. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with others. The time you're saving people like me is priceless. I love you for that. :)
- Warm regards, Linda Storey, EverydayChoicesCoaching.com


Congratulations on a thorough manual and beautiful slide presentation. Thank you for your work and for sharing it so generously.
- Sarah Yagi, Osaka, Japan


I received your package and am thrilled with the contents. It is an amazing piece of work, and, I know, a true labor of love. Thank you so much for making the process of teaching workshops so easy for the rest of us who know the power of EFT and are dedicated to spreading the word. I am truly grateful to you!
- Sincerely, Mary Ann Michels, Auburn, CA


You did a wonderful job!! I will be using many of the slides for an energy psychotherapy group that I am putting together. Your PowerPoint work has saved me a lot of time. I really liked all the details like setting up for a presentation, etc. I am a list person and really appreciate having everything written down so I can check it off.
- Charlotte Michie, LCSW


With your help EFT will be shared with numerous more people, transforming this world for the better. Thank you so much for your gift.
- Marlies Lersch Bad Windsheim, Germany

So exited to discover this! (EFT4PPT) It is very thorough. Thanks for creating this tool!
- Pat Batie, AZ


What an incredible and magnificent work of art this is! You are truly a master with great creative and organizational skills. How grateful and blessed I feel that you are so willing to share your gift and talents with those of us who either lack these skills or don`t find the time. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- ML


I received the lovely EFT workshops CD. You are so generous and kind. Thank you many, many times. I appreciate the good work you are doing.
- Yours cordially, Dr. Inci Erkin, Turkey


I purchased your PowerPoint program, and I want to thank you for the amount of effort, love and thoughtfulness on your part in putting this together. Thanks for your thoroughness in putting your program together.
- Tom Masbaum, IL


Ann's PowerPoint CD is worth 10 times what I paid for it. To create a PowerPoint presentation that covers all of the salient points in an educational, attention-getting manner requires someone skilled in developing workshop and seminar courseware. If you're seriously interested in teaching EFT to others, you'll definitely want to invest in this excellent CD. It's packed with everything you'll need and more.
- Ron Ball, EFT Zone


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WOW...that was easy...no hassles. Thanks! Take good care!
- Sheryl

Ann: Thanks! I've had a day of many, many details. I know there's a tappable issue there somewhere...I appreciate your having my back!
- Nancy

I cannot thank you enough for your top-notch customer service! Thank you again, for not only a much needed product, but (again) your customer service! I am anticipating my first 'workshop' being smooth, easy, and successful!
- Nell

Thank you very much for your prompt service, Ann.
- Kind regards, Marion

Thank you for taking such care of me. Being a US citizen living in Mexico sometimes creates these unique situations that don't fit in the box. I appreciate your special attention.
- Deborah