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Personal Peace Procedure
Personal Peace Procedure - EFT as a Do-it-Yourself Tool

An important gift of EFT is its usefulness as your own self help tool.

The Personal Peace Procedure involves listing every bothersome SPECIFIC EVENT you can remember from your life. It is amazing when you get started on the list how many come up. You then choose one issue each day to focus on  with EFT. As you use EFT to resolve each event you may remember others that are related. Keep going.

The specific negative events in our life make up the building blocks behind the more generalized (but important) issues. Ask yourself: What specific event in my life led to my ...

Anxiety Lack of Confidence
Depression Compulsions
Feelings of Abandonment Persistent insomnia
Addictions ... your specific issue

Most people are able to list over 100 negative events that still affect them today. Tap on one each day – being as specific as possible. Continue until all the aspects (or parts) of the issue have been resolved - take as many days on any one event as necessary.  Reducing the emotional baggage of your specific events will result in less internal conflict. Less internal conflict translates into a higher level of internal personal peace! 

Be persistent and don't give up until the situation no longer bothers you. Don't settle for less than total resolution.

EFT Personal Peace Procedure Workbook This is a very useful book by Loretta Sparks, a highly experienced therapist in California. It is designed to make your journey toward personal peace even more simple and enjoyable. This workbook guides you step by step as you list and tap through your events.

EFT Personal Peace Procedure WorkbookEFT Personal Peace Procedure Workbook
By Loretta Sparks, LMFT, D.CEP, EFT Master
Counseling people for over 35 years

The Personal Peace Procedure is the healing centerpiece of EFT Loretta Sparks coached hundreds of her clients successfully through resolving many negative events and issues with this process. Let this program work for you too!!
Loretta shares her simple but powerful format in an easy to follow manual. This effective resource guides you at each step. It is like having your own personal coach and counselor sitting at your side giving you encouragement and suggestions each step of the way!
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