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EFT Level 1 and 2 Training

What You Will Learn in Level 1

  • Brief history of EFT and its connections to existing therapies and healing modalities
  • Basic concepts of EFT including topics recommended by the founder of EFT and professional organizations for training EFT practitioners
  • The Discovery Statement as a foundation for EFT and the incredible implications this has for the healing process
  • The effects of energy system disruptions
  • How to deal with Psychological Reversals as obstacles to healing and simple techniques for overcoming them
  • The EFT Basic Recipe and Full Basic Recipe
  • EFT shortcuts - ways to streamline this already quick and elegant therapy
  • Techniques for increasing the effectiveness of EFT - including the importance of being specific and persistent, how to deal with shifting aspects, and how to use alternative pressure points
  • Information on the wide range of physical and emotional issues EFT is used for and the few areas were EFT shouldn't be used
  • How to test the effectiveness of treatments and how to handle slow progress or seeming setbacks
  • Additional EFT techniques such as Tell the Story, the Movie Technique, and the Personal Peace Procedure.
  • The importance of energy toxins and how to eliminate their effects
  • The importance of the Cognitive Shifts and what verbal and physical signs signal them
  • How to work with bothersome memories, phobias, and addictive cravings
  • How to practice and experience the incredible results of EFT with your own issues

What You Will Learn on Level 2

  • Principles from The Palace of Possibilities - how the past limits our lives and choices in the present
  • How to use affirmations with EFT, why they often seem to fail and how we use EFT to make them more effective
  • EFT "gentle" techniques for use when emotional intensity is high: Tearless Trauma Technique, Chasing the Pain, and Sneaking Up on the Problem
  • How to present EFT in groups - the application, uses, and advantages of group tapping including Borrowing Benefits, the powerful positive side effect of using EFT in groups.
  • Ways to find core issues - questions and techniques for getting to the root of the problem
  • How to know whether an issue has been completely collapsed and how to look for remaining aspects
  • How to address physical issues
  • Further methods for testing results
  • Additional tapping points
  • How to work with EFT by telephone