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Sign up for Tips from the Masters Newsletter. Sponsored by the 29 EFT Masters around the world this is another excellent – and free – way to increase your knowledge of EFT.

Also a listing of all the training available from the EFT Masters

AND you can rent Gary Craig's DVDs

Source for excellent EFT articles: EFTfree.net and download an excellent EFT manual.

Quality EFT Training in the USA and Canada: EFTUnited.com

Information about Certification:

Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology: ACEP

Association for the Advancement of Meridian Therapies: AAMET

Create a Solid Foundation in EFT – Gary Craig’s DVDs

Do you need to learn more about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)? Create an excellent foundation with Gary Craig's DVDs.

If you are serious about training others about EFT Gary’s DVDs are a must have!

If you are interested in renting Gary Craig's DVDs visit our EFT DVD Rental Page.

Want more Success and Abundance? –
Dr. Carol Look

Dr. Carol Look is one of the premier EFT practitioners. Her products are excellent resources for you and your client issues. www.AttractingAbundance.com

Her How To Lose Weight With Energy Therapy Manual and companion Quit Smoking Manual are excellent guide book whether you are working on issues yourself or for a client. The Attracting Abundance Book is available in paperback or e book and audio. Carol makes the ‘work’ easy and fun. I particularly love her abundance games.

Attracting Abundance with EFT

The Resource for State of the Art Developments in EFT – Dr. Patricia Carrington

Dr. Patricia Carrington www.MasteringEFT.com is a pioneer   with EFT, an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey, and is the creator of many leading-edge EFT materials to expand your knowledge of EFT.

Dr. Carrington’s site is a wonderful resource of information. Check it out for several freebies like: The Magic Of Personal Choice In EFT which teaches the popular Choices method   and A New Use for EFT that teaches us how to tap in positive experiences in our lives to recall at other time.s

Her newsletter is always full of terrific tips on using EFT and current news in the field. She offers a FREE copy of her 35 page e-Book teaching the basics of the EFT CHOICES METHOD when you subscribe to the EFT 1-Minute News.

Her books and products are top quality. My two favorites are:

Multiply the Power of EFT: 52 New Ways to Use EFT That Most People Don't Know About

The Key to Successful Weight Loss

EFT Personal Peace Procedure Workbook – Loretta Sparks, LMFT, D.CEP, EFT Master


Loretta Sparks coached hundreds of her clients successfully through resolving many negative events and issues with this process. Let this program work for you too!!

Loretta shares her simple but powerful format in an easy to follow manual. This effective resource guides you at each step. It is like having your own personal coach and counselor sitting at your side giving you encouragement and suggestions each step of the way!

EFT Personal Peace Procedure Workbook
By Loretta Sparks, LMFT, D.CEP, EFT Master
Counseling people for over 35 years

$37.50 USD Click here for this valuable resource!

Personal Peace Procedure

Freedom at Your Finger Tips


Freedom at Your Finger Tips was written by 20 world class EFT practitioners. Check out the web site to meet the talented and skilled co-authors. They offer over 50 actual case stories and helpful examples of setup phrases you can put to immediate use on any issue you may have. Its 336 pages are loaded with practical ways you can use EFT to overcome emotional and physical issues. A marvelous resource.

Freedom at Your Finger Tips

Try It On Everything: Discover the Power of EFT (hardcover book) by Dr. Patricia Carrington


This intriguing and highly readable companion book to the widely acclaimed documentary film by the same name will further your understanding of EFT in a profound manner. It also continues the participants' stories depicted in the movie.

Price: $24.95 USD

Try It On Everything: Discover the Power of EFT

Meridian Tapping Techniques -
FREE comprehensive manual

(authored by Ann Adams)


Meridian Tapping Techniques Manual